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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What's wrong?!?

It's freaky. I couldn't take it so I changed and went upstairs. I opened the accused's suite door but all I could hear was a gentle tempo (as if they were one of those being affected too). I kept silent and thought for a second. It's a girls' suite (I know from the name tags on the doors and they are Ang Mos) and the person singing those silly mandarin songs is a male. It can't be the person staying above me. Who is it! I stood at the corridor on both 4th and 5th floor.. I can't detect at all. Mandarin songs in USA?!? But it's not impossible as there are huge chunks of China cliques here, especially in Cashin. The music is still on at this very moment. I just dialed 50621 and the Residential Assistants are asleep! How could they be asleep! They are supposed to be on duty. Lazy bums. Now I have to 'tarhan' this nonsense. It's 2am. I'm surely going to COMPLAIN tmr!


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