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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It is rumoured that...

Gracie will start a new blog on fashion soon. Sources said that her daily boredom in Amherst, America has rendered her to spending most of her time on the Internet.

"There is nothing she would really do except to check out other fashion blogs, fashion magazines and websites of different brands," says a source who declined to be named.

The un-rugged globe-trotter/journalist from the little fashion town of Singapore, is a well-known critic on people's dress sense (around the world) and her style has been very much compared to that of Hollywood's Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow is famous for not conforming to trends and yet, has remained New York's and Milan's most sought-after fashion statement.

Gracie has recently been heard quoting herself to her hall mates, as a 'fashion guru for the budget strapped students'.

It is therefore obvious which direction she would be taking if the website was to materialised.

Gracie is currently working on a service article on getting the right winter wear for people living in the tropics. It is scheduled to be published in early April.


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