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Monday, February 14, 2005

V-day muffin

a valentines' day muffin bar was set up for students over dinner today. it was a 'deco-yourself', where you could choose between a vanilla or chocolate muffin and decide on the kind of frost you would like on it. There were 3 choices for the frost: peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla. you could choose to be a lil more creative than others and spread half with peanut butter and the other half with chocolate or vanilla *but i suggest you not use vanilla as grace thinks vanilla sux...well, that's advice for you if you wanna make a budget v-day muffin too*. The last step to finishing the design' of the muffin was of cuz, the toppings! There were now five to chose from: chunky multi-colour hearts, red hearts, multi-colour mini beads, red and white mini sticks and multi-colour mini sticks. and you can choose to stick your muffin into the pails of toppings or gently pour them over. i chose to do it the gentle way to save myself from being accused of 'contaminating' the toppings with the frostings, like what happened to the guy queueing before me. lol! *he was so embarrassed* but anyway, here's my v-day muffin!


At 2:59 PM, Blogger swandad said...

I like the blog, esp. the clock. Where did you get it?

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Grace Chen said...

heh... thanks. If you click on it, it would bring you to Weather Underground.. you could choose the design you like. cheers grace


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