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Monday, February 28, 2005

Retail theraphy works for lazy journos

Hey guys, I'm back!

The past week had been hectic or felt hectic. I did try my best to finish writing the two features but as many of you would probably know. I'm a hard news journo! Who wants to write about food and personalities?! Ok.. those are pretty interesting too but too difficult. Besides, my source for my profile didn't get back to me until Saturday night (well, fact was I was too complacent and emailed him late and I was supposed to hand in this 1500-word piece today!) Therefore I ended up spending much time staring at the com and stressing my lungs and heart out.

But guess what, when I turned up in class today, I wasn't the only one who was without something to hand in. In fact, only two came prepared! Can you imagine that? At least I know that will never happen for students in UQ. As much as there is 10 times more work, journos here are just couldn't care less with the deadlines.. (except for my favourite Magazine Writing course.. hee). To add on that, the tutor just postponed the deadline again! Yes, for the second time! Both assignment are now due next week- even without a single student speaking up. What can I say except that Americans are truly blessed! I probably should just worry less from now on.

Anyway, today we had a warehouse sale on campus. Yessssss... clothes, clothes and clothes on sale!!! We should have that in UQ too! And Gwen, Mil and I could go crazy over it. But arhemm, the fashion here are really American.. which means 'casual and large'. But that wasn't even a challenge for an experienced shopper like me.. After just 15 minutes, I manage to dig out a bright, chirpy flamingo pink trenchcoat (at USD$29) and a flattering salsa skirt (at USD$12) (which is probably the only two pieces which are NICE). Not cheap at all but was worth the money for it's quality and design.

Here they are

So this is the start of Week 6, one more week to go before Spring break! I'll be off to Quebec, Canada, a trip partially sponsored by my pals in Singapore! But before that, I'd better stop spending money for a week (Cuz besides the $43 on clothes, I had spent $16 on three books and a $189 Mac software on Amazon.com in the past week.. Argh... ).


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