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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

gracie's new role

He did it again!

Gracie needs money to install Quark Express 6.5 and to get some American summer fashion. So she thought she would try her luck at the Wochester Dining Commons - her favourite hang out with her Kor-Viet-Hongkie & 1 Sing gang - to get a $6.50 per hour dishwasher job or something. To her disappointment, she was told the job has just been taken up.

So Gracie thought that was it.

But as she was about to turn around and walk away with her head hung low, Manager Mark mumbled something like "unless you want to work at the Bakery at South-west?"

"Why not?!?" Gracie exclaimed (and claimed the job).( Lazy Americans won't even walk some 20 minutes but she would! It's not that far, right at the other end of the campus). And Manager Mark was quick to give the details.

"5am - noon from Friday to Sunday, ok?" he said. (Good God, those are Gracie's free days! And she would still have the entire day for revisions after work! Plus she would be assisting the baker, which means she'll be able to learn how to bake cookies and brownies, the likes of Mrs Fields!)

Then came the most important part: "It would be $7.50 per hour, if you don't mind?" (Of course she won't mind! Not even a little as all of her friends are earning $6.50, serving at the Dining Commons). "Awesome God...!" (Always providing the best for her) she sang as she trudge on the remnants of Snow and made her way home :D


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