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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas and more.

Well well, so I checked the visitors' tracker today. Only 2 visitors were recorded yesterday. I guess I've got to be more consistant with my posts or this would become a dead site in no time.

So it's been almost 3 weeks since I threw myself back at the comforts of my pink bedroom. Much smaller than the one I have in Australia. Oh yes, my huge bedroom in the two-bedroom house in Indooroopilly... the brownish, greyish, and yellowish old bedroom. I love the size but hate all other things about it. But compared to that ugly colour combination, I find myself able to take baby pink better. I had wanted fusia for my room!

But anyway, life's been good so far. I love spending time at home, with Mum and my two lovely dogs, Clinton and Amos. I can spend the whole day teasing, fighting and cuddling them (minus Mum). I think Mum loves to have me at home all the time. She's constantly talking though she's been nagging lesser than ever. But still, it's a lot of talking. She keeps talking, yeah she's still talking now. It's 11.36pm. She's telling me bout the neighbour upstairs. Right now as I'm typing this.

Yes the neighbour. There's a lady upstairs like none other. This lady who is a little friendlier than usual, a little imposing than normal and much more crankier than anyone I've met ever. It's a long story. But anyone of you who are aware of the Joo Chiat incident between neighbours. This is what I'm talking about. It's happening right at my house. Mum and neighbour. Neighbour told Mum that our house is blocking the fengshui of her house. She asked Mum to see a Feng Shui master with her. Mum refused. Neighbour then complains our ceiling fans are causing 'tremors' in her flat. The housing board found no problem with my fans. So to stop us from switching on our fans, she would resort to things like bouncing balls, hitting her floor with a hammer and all sorts of crazy things to make us stop using the fan. So the whole event sorta escalated into something more serious. Now two women are constantly fighting. She splashes water through our windows, pours oil on top of my aircon ventilator and window sills.

The Member of Parliament just left our house an hour ago. It's been 5 months since it all started. I was told by the police inspector that the MP is the last man anyone could approach for a matter like this. It's obvious the authority is on our side too, so I hope this is going to be solved before I leave Singapore. I heard Neighbour is requesting for early sale of the house and I hope she means it. Afterall, it's for her own good as everyone from the block seem to really detest her.

Okay, let's be forgiving especially that it's Christmas. Talking about Christmas. I especially love Christmas in Singapore this year. The government's poured the largest amount of money into the X'mas celebrations this year. I walked all over Orchard yesterday. Goodness. Yes, His Goodness. The whole place is filled with carol singers, from different churches... There were also people spreading the gospel, in a very subtle way, mostly through performances. Decorations illustrated the true reason behind Christmas. Christ is the reson for this season. It's story telling, gospel spreading this year. It's real sharing of the good news. Lights, lots of lights, all colours. The shopping centres are all decorated. Beautiful, absolutely joyous.

Let's talk about the realistics that cheered me up. The Mango sale! Today was the first day of the sale. I had thought I was an early bird. I arrived by 10.30am. To my shock discovery, the sale started at 8am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to drag my mother and my poor friend, Suet who hurt her back yesterday to Singapore's most popular fashion outlet (or outlets) and spent hours and hours rummaging the pile of already badly rummaged clothes. My legs are aching now but there's a feeling of victory. I managed to get all the pieces I had spotted earlier. That's after storming 4 differnt branches. I spent a whopping $320 plus mostly on winter stuff for the States.

So what's next. Tommorrow I'll have a X'mas eve dinner with my closest mates at Pasta Fresca by the smelly East Coast beach. I guess would still be fun. But I'm still reluctant to travel 1.5 hours to get there. What to do. I just really hope the sea breeze won't make me all sticky cuz I may decide to go clubbing later in the night. Viana says we'll go China Jump at CHJIMES. That was out of bounds to us last year. We need to be 21 to get in. Now, I'm not all too excited. It's scary to think I'm going 22. I don't want!!! I'm afraid of growing old. Sobs Sobs.

Well, my brother's back. I need to get out of the room. I wanted to talk about my plans for the next month but I guess I'll do it later. Maybe after Christmas, I'll get a chance to update. But until then, take care and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! God bless.

Oh my first X'mas pressie. My very sweet brother, Yanhan just handed me a box of nicely wrapped and expensive Butlers Chocolate Cafe. Hee Hee. Love it.

Gracie xxxxx


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hey grace

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nice post =) reminded me of under one roof for some reason

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