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Friday, December 03, 2004

Going home

So... I'm finally here. 4th December - the start of a new chapter of my life. Yeah, it definitely is.

A long tough walk, it was. I haven't experience anything like I had for the past 10 months or so. Today is going to mark the start of what I had been working so hard for. 6 weeks back in the comforts of home, and 5 days in London, after which will be the big US of A till only God knows, but latest would be August.

For many who still do not know, I won't be back in Australia until 2006. There's been a problem with my study plan which means I'll have to defer my graduating semester to 2006. So what's coming after States is still pretty uncertain. I'll just have to pace myself like how I did for the past 10 months and allow God to work the way for me. I must say I've got exciting plans though but they'll be revealed as we go.

Oh, and I may not be able to head to Italy as part of my course in USA anymore. University of Massachusetts only selects 20 students to go to Sicily each year and that has forced me to be on the waiting list. Surprisingly, I wasn't upset at all when I received this piece of news. This means I may be able to take up another course- Magazine Writing- which is based on competitive entry too- only 12 students in the course! The quota has been filled before I applied though but the lecturer has told me he'll allow me to try out for the class. He described the course as challenging which is exactly what I'm after. Hope it all goes well from here.

All and all, I'm just thankful that I'm finally here. It's surreal. Just yesterday, going home was not even on my mind. People asked me if I was excited. I can't exactly feel that. But I am happy and feeling so blessed.

The walk has been tough up till the very end. I was attacked by a magpie consecutively for the past two days! What a way to end my time here. It's the scariest experience I ever had. Oh yeah, and I thought the magpie was a crow. Well, thanks to Dan, I could finally tell the difference. I have to get this out as I was really scared out of my wits. The scenario keeps replaying in my mind till this very moment I'm writing this. I was just walking along the streets, on my way to the shopping center and it swooped past me and had a hard brush against my hair. I initially thought it may be blind or something and just continued walking when it came down on me again! I ran for a short distance and got away. And so that was the first time it tried to attack me. I was walking along the same street yesterday, completely forgetting what had happened the day before. But I was now more sensitive to the sound of its flapping wings. But pity, I was too slow to react. And this time, it pecked me on my cheek! What an arse. On my precious face! Man, this time I was really scared and started to run abit again. I turned back and it was just sitting on the lamp post and so I thought I got away again but NO!. It swooped towards me again when I started to run. And it chased me for like 300m. Boy, I can tell you I've never ran as fast as yesterday- for my entire life. I was running and crying out for God. It's hilarious thinking about it but it still sends a chill down my spine. I felt as if someone was really after my life!

well well, i know this post sounds a little 'here and there'.. I apologise for that... just wanna get as much down as possible before I go pack my stuff in a min or so.

Oh yeah, my results are out already. 1 pass, 1 merit and 2 distinctions. A little worse off than last sem but just a little.. so I'm happy. I have to consider the long hours I spend on work and writing stories each week. I'm so grateful my grades pretty much remained.

Hmm.. and looking back, I also realised I haven't made many new friends this year. Maybe only four. Sounds pathetic but not so. Being so busy actually gave me the chance to make the best of what I have I guess. I'm glad I've formed closer bonds with people I already knew. Eunice, Dan, Victoria, Melissa J and so on. And my best pals from Chung Cheng, especially Suet who calls me so frequently and make my monotonous walk so much easier. And defo, Eugene, who came over to study. I'm so glad he's here too. Oh yeah... and the two new friends I mentioned- Cecilia and Minji and Charles and Zoe from Uni. I can see these friendships going a long way too.

Okay.. how can I end this now. But I have to .. it's like 10.10am now and I have to leave at 12pm. Erhmmm.. like I just wanna thank GOD.. really can't thank Him enough. Thank Him for planting wonderful people around me.

Gotta really dash.. man.. this has to be the worst post ever.. but argh.. heck it.. BYE now and keep checking back. Will email whenever and hopefully be able to meet some of you for drinks or dinner when I travel round the world!


Gracie xxxxxxx


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