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Monday, August 23, 2004

first fruits

God is so good. I received my first big paycheck today. It's not a big sum of money but the biggest so far... for working almost non-stop for the past two weeks. Guess what. It's not about the money I earn but it's about the tax reduction I have this time. I was previously being taxed at 46 per cent. And that's a depressing sum... almost half of your hard-earned money!

I prayed for a way out and he's created that for me. My kind boss agreed to send in a revised taxation form for me as I had previously noted I was a non-resident which was unnecessary and would incur me a higher tax. This time round, I was taxed a mere 10 plus per cent...and I've finally reached the four-digit mark! Praise Him!


On the other hand, my mum who's been rejecting God for a long time is turning to Him! Well, she's in some circumstances now but we all know how God loves to use circumstances for His purpose. And the time has come for my mum. Today, she requested that I contact the church for her. And she asked me to teach her to pray. How good can this be for me. I rejoice at the circumstance that my family is in. I believe in the truth and that truth triumphs. It's the first fruits of victory I'm experiencing now. Rejoice with me, my friends! Hallelujah!


At 12:33 AM, Blogger "SPG" said...

Hey dear,

Praise the Lord! Well, at least now, it takes a whole load off your chest. And with your mom, postitive signs are showing. Keep believing! Amen!

At 7:55 AM, Blogger Dave said...

that's awesome news about your mum grace! hopefully she keeps moving forward

when you said you received your first big paycheck I thought you got paid for some freelance journalism or something! i was excited, but then realised it's your regular job... or is it journalism?! keep it up, you gonna be a contender. :)


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