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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A note of thanks

Having to struggle with finances is not something I had to face when I was younger. It's probably not an issue of age I'm getting at. Many of my peers are still carefree about this issue. But it has to be that my family is now heavily affected by the economic downturn that brings me to a realization that my parents could no longer shelter me as I had wished they could have.

I've always been known as straightforward, frank and sometimes even blunt. I'm quick to speak my mind which may not be good all the times. My financial situation has humbled me tremendously and I've learnt more to be an observer.

Throughout these couple of weeks, I've noticed the best and maybe the worst.. or rather, the not-so-good side of my friends. It's where the cliche 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' comes in.

It's the thoughts that counts and this entry is to thank friends who really put me so closely to their hearts during my most difficult times.

I wanna thank Charles who offered to lend me his Australian politics textbook for a semester so I could save the $58 needed to buy it. I would also like to extend gratitude to Eugene for offering me a place to stay at the end of the year.I wanna congratulated Melissa for the good position she is at with getting the exchange scholarship and her willingness to help me financially if she was really being blessed with that. I also wanna thank Regina for telling me that she would definitely help me if she had the money. I wanna thank Cherry for offering to send me money when she gets a job. And Joe for being willing to lend me a part of his savings for his travels next year. I also appreciate that Shu Hui has offered to lend me her SLR camera which I need for my exchange if she were to get a new one. And also to my housemate, Reno, who will most likely offer to provide the 'feed' when my barn runs out of corn. Not to forget Suet Syn who thanked me for encouraging her to go on an exchange.. it's encouraged me to know that I've encouraged her. And last but not least, friends who have been constantly praying for me... people I know of are Mel again, Kath, Eunice, Daniel and so on... If I forget anyone, you will know who you are. It's all written in my heart seriously, nobody's missed.

I thank God for this situation as it's made me appreciate friends around me even more. I'm convinced that I'm writing a success story and thank you all for playing a part in this.

Applause... Clap Clap Clap ;)


At 9:17 AM, Blogger "SPG" said...

Hey dearie,

I'm so touched! Well well, so "emo" (learn from you one). Hmm...I haven't exactly gotten the scholarship, but am praying I'll get it. Hey, then I can sponsor a few hundred dollars for your SEP too. And I'm also trying my "blessings" with 4D over here in Singapore. We'll see how. *fingers crossed* Oops...the Lord knows liao... :s

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Update! Update! I want to hear more first-person ramblings about Jesus as if he were standing over your shoulder softly whispering biblical verses into your ear through a funneled deuteronomy.


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