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Sunday, July 11, 2004


Crossroads. How often do we find ourselves at a crossroad?

I was once again stirred watching Tom Hanks on 'Cast Away'.

How vulnerable are we human beings and how natural is it in us to just look for anyone else or any object to take our mind off something else that might affect us?

Chuck in the movie (casted by Tom Hanks) found himself on an isolated island after the Fed Ex plane he was on crash during a storm. After an initial struggle, Chuck finally got used to life on the island. He learnt to start a fire, spear fish from a distance and collect rain water for consumption. But these were not the things that kept him breathing. What kept him alive was a gold locket with his wife, Kelly's (casted by Helen Hunt) photo and Wilson (a 'Wilson' volleyball which was one of the few parcels that was washed ashore with him) and a parcel that he had kept sealed so that he could deliver it when he's saved.

Oh the other hand, Kelly had never believed Chuck was dead. But a funeral was still arranged and an empty coffin was buried. She was also told to go out with new guys to 'proof' that she has recovered. So she eventually remarried and had a daughter with her new husband.

Chuck eased in to life on the island but he's hardly given up thoughts of escaping and trying to make his way back. His chance came when a piece of steel was being washed ashore. He then made a raft in the fastest time while the wind was still blowing towards civilization. He tied Wilson to the raft and told him to 'sit back and let him to the rowing'. Wilson was his encouragement. And of course, Kelly's picture in the locket which he hung on his neck.

So Chuck braved through storms after storms with Wilson and Kelly in his mind. But one fine morning, The loosen rope caused Wilson to drift away from Chuck. Chuck was devastated at the discovery and tried to save the ball but failed. It was the scene where the object through he gave himself encouragement and advice, left him. He felt that he's let Wilson down, or really.. I thought it was that he thought he's lost his hopes to move on ... and he lied of the raft, not rowing for days and waiting for death.

But of course, as most stories go, Chuck was saved by a big tanker. It had been more than four years since he was being 'cast away'. But and of course, he had to face, yet another devastation of losing his wife to his 'death'.

Chuck's love for Kelly exhibited one of the best virtues in man- HONOR. It's because he honored the woman he loved that he has to let her go. How difficult is it when both parties love each other so deeply and yet have to be parted?

Kelly said "You are the man I love most in my life".

Chuck replied "You never know how upset I am to have to let you go".

Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwww.... How many crossroads do we have to be in each lifetime. How often do we have to make such life-changing decisions. And how often do we really realise that we are at a crossroad and have to make the right decisions?

The last scene of the movie showed Chuck on a crossroad at the outback after sending the parcel which kept him alive. He was looking at the maps and trying to figure out which direction he was to take now. No doubt it meant more than a journey on the road, Chuck was at a crossroad where he had to make the next decision which would affect the next part of his life. This is an idea from the movie which I've not realised from the last time I watched it.


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