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Friday, June 11, 2004


Count me silly but the sites he usually frequent (i.e sites that track users and state the dates site was visited) has reported no trace of him for the past few days. I've been wondering if he's blocked me on MSN or has he genuinely not been coming online. It's strange cuz he follows a predictable routine everyday. Work, tv, net or Work, squash, net.. Otherwise it would be the occasional movies... No night outs cuz he's mates have all moved to the big city but anyhow, the Internet would defintely be something he would do before sleep. I really hope I'm over analysing things. But if I really am, then what could have happened to him? I can't imagine the worst. He had been undergoing tests for some infection but results have turned out well so far.. it couldn't be.. Neh.. I don't want to think about it. But gosh, I can't help but let me thoughts run wild sometimes. I'm just worried about his well-being.

Should I just text him one last time or should I pick up the phone? Or should I just give up...?

'Inner peace and charm' said my friend. Yeah.. so when a relationship and pride are both at stake, which one should I choose?


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