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Friday, June 18, 2004

Code Red: Territory Violated (continued...)

I took a detour and made my way to the 'Blue Building' (BB houses pastors' offices and a room for worship for church satellites).

Belinda could be seen sitting along the road pavement staring at the smothering mess. I called out to her as she turned her head with a daze in her eyes. It was some moments before she said, "Oh, hi!"

I walked closer to find Ray 'hidden' behind the fence. Both of them were sharing their sentiments about the incident.

They were the first witnesses to the fire, having rushed down to the scene after being informed of the news by the pastors.

"I was here by 1a.m and the building was still burning," Belinda said.

"It's sad."

"I feel violated. It's just like my house being broken into and set on fire," Ray said as he threw another glance at the building.

I felt exactly the same way as Ray. My territory has been violated. The place which nurtured me with Godly love and where I made the promise to follow Christ. It's the first church I served and partnered and called home...

And now it's being brought down by 9 torches of fire within 3 hours.


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