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Friday, June 18, 2004

Code Red: Territory destroyed but spirits stay strong and united (continued... )

Our conversation was interrupted by a familiar voice from behind. It was Pastor Wayne. He was talking on his mobile. Dressed in a blue, floral striped shirt, he looked energetic and cheerful.

He gave me a wave as he walked past us. I smiled back.

All of us smiled in fact, and our discussion resumed with a different mood.

"Oh well, we were planning to demolish this building and build a new one anyway right?" I asked.

"Yeah, this could just accelerate the process. We're just gonna get new things earlier!" Belinda exclaimed.

"And the latest products too... New sound system, new musical instruments and computers! Yep, this will not get us down." Ray added.

The conversation was now filled with "Yeah!", "Amen!" and "That's right!".

Indeed. Jesus said, "Where two or three have gathering together in My name, I am there in their midst" (Matthew 18:20).

The destruction of our shell, though lamentable, would not deter us from worshipping God. Looking from a Christian angle, it has definitely set us looking forward to greater things that we believe He has in store for us.

We chatted for another 20 minutes or so before Belinda said she had go home. Ray then went to attend to some other stuff and I hurried up to the offices to see if I could help with anything.

(To be continued...)


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