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Saturday, April 17, 2004

waiting blunders

Tonight was a new beginning for me... My first day on a totally new experience... I'm on my way to the States...Hmm no... I'm waiting on tables...but yes, it's the first step to achieving my goals.. I've finally got a job to finance my student exchange next year.

It's a Mexican restaurant up the street, at Taringa, the suburb next to where I'm staying. I've never been a waitress before... so I was praying before I left for work.. that I'll leave my clumsiness at home but..

Okay, anyone who knows me would have roughly guess what had happened to this girl who once walked into a wall while playing hide and seek, who's always spilling her coffee.. okay, I mean any kind of drinks on her hands and hmmm.. overturn plates of food?.. yeah I think she did that before.. She's also frequently injuring herself by tripping on steps (any objects actually) or knocking into things around her.

What happened was that... I overturned a bottle of Corona on a customer, asked a couple if I could collect their plates when their food just arrived and gave this lady a bottle of Victoria bitter with two slices of lime when she asked for VB with lime CORDIAL!!! PHEW.. GREAT job.. I embarrassed myself so much that I just hovered around the bar most of the time!

But hey, don't start booing.. one of my collegues actually left a spoon in the ice blender and broke the blade. The blender cost $450 okay! And she's been there for months eh. Heh.. I know that's not an excuse for myself.. But I must say I had a good laugh through the night.. good break from from assignments, family and relationship probs. I thank God for that.


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