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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Exchange blues

I rushed to the Study Abroad Resource Room right after classes, hoping to spend some time looking through the information about other universities. But to my dismay, the laminated sign hanging on the door spelt 'open from 9-11am'. It was 1pm.

Hey.. what is this? Is it so difficult keeping one room open?? Sigh.. I guess I'm probably just too excited at the thought of doing a student exchange next year. All these time in Australia, I have never been satisfied. Brissy is such a countryside... and I really wish to explore bigger cities like London, San Francisco, Los Angelos...

But again, it would not be easy for me to get such an opportunity (realistically speaking).. Average results with no news portfolio to flaunt... Plus international students could only take the remaining places left over by Aussies. I think I can only rely on God now... cuz (spiritually speaking) if you ask, you will be given right?? So it shall be trust, trust, trust in the Lord and worry less!

It's time to 'wake up on my idea' too... So no more scrapping through, no more last minute work and no more 4s! I must make it!


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