Home and Away

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

glass window - a dream

I had a dream.
A weird dream that stirred my heart.
You and I,
away in the cold, unfamiliar Massachusetts,
staying side by side.

Yet we were separated,
by a thin glass window.
A window that could not be opened,
at least for this moment.

But you were there for me,
and so was I for you.

But should there be no speech,
and should there be no touch,
would our hearts still bind?

You asked if I loved you.
"Trying not to" I replied.

I'm just waiting, Charles.
For the day when the window could be open.
Who knows what would happen.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

not blunders..

But I scalded my fingers today... .... the hot plates are really HOT!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

waiting blunders

Tonight was a new beginning for me... My first day on a totally new experience... I'm on my way to the States...Hmm no... I'm waiting on tables...but yes, it's the first step to achieving my goals.. I've finally got a job to finance my student exchange next year.

It's a Mexican restaurant up the street, at Taringa, the suburb next to where I'm staying. I've never been a waitress before... so I was praying before I left for work.. that I'll leave my clumsiness at home but..

Okay, anyone who knows me would have roughly guess what had happened to this girl who once walked into a wall while playing hide and seek, who's always spilling her coffee.. okay, I mean any kind of drinks on her hands and hmmm.. overturn plates of food?.. yeah I think she did that before.. She's also frequently injuring herself by tripping on steps (any objects actually) or knocking into things around her.

What happened was that... I overturned a bottle of Corona on a customer, asked a couple if I could collect their plates when their food just arrived and gave this lady a bottle of Victoria bitter with two slices of lime when she asked for VB with lime CORDIAL!!! PHEW.. GREAT job.. I embarrassed myself so much that I just hovered around the bar most of the time!

But hey, don't start booing.. one of my collegues actually left a spoon in the ice blender and broke the blade. The blender cost $450 okay! And she's been there for months eh. Heh.. I know that's not an excuse for myself.. But I must say I had a good laugh through the night.. good break from from assignments, family and relationship probs. I thank God for that.

Saturday, April 03, 2004


Not sure what's got into me today... Probably I'm just not in the best of moods....Or maybe it's because I'm only half done with my two assignments due next week or that I can't attend my best friend's birthday celebration back home. I also suspect that I'm getting overly excited the thought of doing a job placement and exchange. I walked around the house, not doing much. There is still a whole stack of clothes waiting to be ironed and my assignments!!... But I just couldn't get myself to stay in front of my Mac. Sighz.. I look forward to tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be better.