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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

A Leopard Never Changes Its Spot

I weigh myself this morning. I was 53.5 kilograms. I was smiling inside.. Surviving on soup alone does work. It's 500grams lighter than 2 days ago. But now I wonder how's that gonna stay....

In a joyous mood, I suddenly felt a great craving for pasta. I got myself a bowl. It's cooked with sweet potato with white sauce.. Sounds alright?

But it came with two other side dishes- stir-fried beef with olive and chicken. Still okay? It's lunch anyway...

That's not all.

Two hours later, I got myself a bag of mixed candies. It weigh 120grams.. it was followed by a king-sized bar of Chrunchie, then a 340ml Coke, then a big fat pork sausage...

It's gonna be at least 55kg tomorrow...

And I haven't counted in the dinner I would be having in an hour's time.


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