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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Closure of Home & Away

Heyall' people reading my blog. Thanks for being interested enough to keep up with what I'm doing abroad. I'm gonna leave this for a while. Not sure if am starting another as personal as this, or will reorganise the posts a little and make a new comeback. But am seriously toying with the idea of starting a book blog or a fashion blog. Maybe both I would say.. Ah! And maybe a travel one if I do travel more in the next 6 months.

Hmm.. So why close the blog?

Well the answer is simple. Cuz Gracie's finally getting cold feet about putting her thoughts online! Yeah.. that's exactly it.

These two months in America has been a time of self-discovery for me. It's been a long rollercoaster ride. And I'm thinking far more than I can put in words. In short, it's a crossroad for me.. Yes! And I'm starting to kinda 'exposed' without 'exposing' myself which is kinda contradiciting as in the past, when I was 'exposing' myself more but I don't feel 'exposed' at all.

Yeah.. so that prob sums it all. Thanks for all your time but you could keep checking back... if you care at all.. I would post the new address of my new 'whatever' blog here.

Lastly, I wish all of you well. God bless.

Luv Grace xxx

Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Stay on that chair," says the Lord.. "But I... " says me

To place it at Your feet,
seems like a task that’s gonna slit.

Resting on my bed
I let a tear drop on the sheets.

Perhaps I should learn to sit
before I could stand and run.

But I am afraid You will erase the
memories on my heart.

Take a step forward, I will
But give me more than a chance.

For it is more than possible,
That it may take more years.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gracie should've learnt

that there is no such words as "window shopping" in her dictionary. She came out from the warehouse sale with a $10.99 purchase. So much about saving money!

this EXPRESS body-hugging but comfy wrap-around is actually 'peachier' than it is shown in the photo. the flowers on the side adds a feminine touch. It also comes in fuschia pink which is sexier but more mature-looking.

It is rumoured that...

Gracie will start a new blog on fashion soon. Sources said that her daily boredom in Amherst, America has rendered her to spending most of her time on the Internet.

"There is nothing she would really do except to check out other fashion blogs, fashion magazines and websites of different brands," says a source who declined to be named.

The un-rugged globe-trotter/journalist from the little fashion town of Singapore, is a well-known critic on people's dress sense (around the world) and her style has been very much compared to that of Hollywood's Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow is famous for not conforming to trends and yet, has remained New York's and Milan's most sought-after fashion statement.

Gracie has recently been heard quoting herself to her hall mates, as a 'fashion guru for the budget strapped students'.

It is therefore obvious which direction she would be taking if the website was to materialised.

Gracie is currently working on a service article on getting the right winter wear for people living in the tropics. It is scheduled to be published in early April.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My new guy

source: New York Times, New York Region, "Internet Fame Is Cruel Mistress for a Dancer of the Numa Numa" 26/2/05

His name is Gary

And he's in the news! Check out his video clip at : http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/26/nyregion/26video.html?ex=1110171600&en=b584545e1f8d9e5a&ei=5070 and tell me if he's alright! *blush* :D

How good is that ;)

Perhaps I shouldn't be too hard on Snow. She came down in hoards today and the University actually announced closed for that. So no classes for me today and I was able to sleep more... especially after the big FxxK incident last night... the news was exhilarating. And Sarah and I actually went out to play with her!

usual depressing sight in the mornings - Snow Storm

sarah drenching herself in snow

Grace's gotten used to the cold, hasn't she?

Gracie in knee-deep snow in her 'skimpy' track suit.

The shovel trucks are still trying their best to fight her though. But she's sprinkling bits of her everywhere, it's difficult to match her speed sometimes. Snow's knee-deep now. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Would be great to skip Feature Writing class.

OK... It's not me

New progress. I just bump into my suitemate in the toilet. And she told me she used to stay in my room. And she told me the people somewhere up there listens to and sings to Mandarin tunes. So it's not that my ears are playing tricks nor are there any freaky business going on here. Bugger off! I'm gonna write Mandarin hate mails on A4 papers and paste them in the lifts tmr. Annoying American Chinese. FxxK!

What's wrong?!?

It's freaky. I couldn't take it so I changed and went upstairs. I opened the accused's suite door but all I could hear was a gentle tempo (as if they were one of those being affected too). I kept silent and thought for a second. It's a girls' suite (I know from the name tags on the doors and they are Ang Mos) and the person singing those silly mandarin songs is a male. It can't be the person staying above me. Who is it! I stood at the corridor on both 4th and 5th floor.. I can't detect at all. Mandarin songs in USA?!? But it's not impossible as there are huge chunks of China cliques here, especially in Cashin. The music is still on at this very moment. I just dialed 50621 and the Residential Assistants are asleep! How could they be asleep! They are supposed to be on duty. Lazy bums. Now I have to 'tarhan' this nonsense. It's 2am. I'm surely going to COMPLAIN tmr!


YES. It's a Hokkien-sound-a-like. It's Mandarin! That blary arse is still doing Chinese Karaoke at 1.46AM, on a weekday, in a student hostel. He's insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he's singing the cheesiest of the cheesiest. He's singing 'WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW'! (That is the stupidest 1980's Taiwanese hit which incorporates English verses).



Amherst 1.18 am -ARRrrrrrgggggHHHH

FUCK! (I CRYING OUT LOUD AS I TYPE) FUCK whoever that lives above my room. This will be the first time I'm using a foul language on my blog. Yes, I'm breaking my long-held principals...NO VULGARITIES! But this fuckery (Lin, 2005) jerk/bitch up there is pissing my ass off. 1.18 in the morning, on a weekday, in a students' hostel. He's blasting fucking techno and some funny Hokkien sound-a-like. I have been tolerating him/her to the max.. for the past two weeks since I've moved here.... EVERYDAY.. !!!! And especially during those times I need to do my assignments and when I need to sleep. Gawd! Even my marijuana-smoking, binge-drinking suitemates are in bed. Who is this blardy arse up there. I swear I will post a hate mail tmr. I WILL!!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

Retail theraphy works for lazy journos

Hey guys, I'm back!

The past week had been hectic or felt hectic. I did try my best to finish writing the two features but as many of you would probably know. I'm a hard news journo! Who wants to write about food and personalities?! Ok.. those are pretty interesting too but too difficult. Besides, my source for my profile didn't get back to me until Saturday night (well, fact was I was too complacent and emailed him late and I was supposed to hand in this 1500-word piece today!) Therefore I ended up spending much time staring at the com and stressing my lungs and heart out.

But guess what, when I turned up in class today, I wasn't the only one who was without something to hand in. In fact, only two came prepared! Can you imagine that? At least I know that will never happen for students in UQ. As much as there is 10 times more work, journos here are just couldn't care less with the deadlines.. (except for my favourite Magazine Writing course.. hee). To add on that, the tutor just postponed the deadline again! Yes, for the second time! Both assignment are now due next week- even without a single student speaking up. What can I say except that Americans are truly blessed! I probably should just worry less from now on.

Anyway, today we had a warehouse sale on campus. Yessssss... clothes, clothes and clothes on sale!!! We should have that in UQ too! And Gwen, Mil and I could go crazy over it. But arhemm, the fashion here are really American.. which means 'casual and large'. But that wasn't even a challenge for an experienced shopper like me.. After just 15 minutes, I manage to dig out a bright, chirpy flamingo pink trenchcoat (at USD$29) and a flattering salsa skirt (at USD$12) (which is probably the only two pieces which are NICE). Not cheap at all but was worth the money for it's quality and design.

Here they are

So this is the start of Week 6, one more week to go before Spring break! I'll be off to Quebec, Canada, a trip partially sponsored by my pals in Singapore! But before that, I'd better stop spending money for a week (Cuz besides the $43 on clothes, I had spent $16 on three books and a $189 Mac software on Amazon.com in the past week.. Argh... ).

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

gracie's new role

He did it again!

Gracie needs money to install Quark Express 6.5 and to get some American summer fashion. So she thought she would try her luck at the Wochester Dining Commons - her favourite hang out with her Kor-Viet-Hongkie & 1 Sing gang - to get a $6.50 per hour dishwasher job or something. To her disappointment, she was told the job has just been taken up.

So Gracie thought that was it.

But as she was about to turn around and walk away with her head hung low, Manager Mark mumbled something like "unless you want to work at the Bakery at South-west?"

"Why not?!?" Gracie exclaimed (and claimed the job).( Lazy Americans won't even walk some 20 minutes but she would! It's not that far, right at the other end of the campus). And Manager Mark was quick to give the details.

"5am - noon from Friday to Sunday, ok?" he said. (Good God, those are Gracie's free days! And she would still have the entire day for revisions after work! Plus she would be assisting the baker, which means she'll be able to learn how to bake cookies and brownies, the likes of Mrs Fields!)

Then came the most important part: "It would be $7.50 per hour, if you don't mind?" (Of course she won't mind! Not even a little as all of her friends are earning $6.50, serving at the Dining Commons). "Awesome God...!" (Always providing the best for her) she sang as she trudge on the remnants of Snow and made her way home :D

Monday, February 21, 2005

Surprised visit

I walked out of my dormitory, not expecting her:

Snow's here again. When would she ever realize she's unwelcome? She messed up my garden, covered the leaves with her white pus and brought along a wind so strong, it nearly cracked my face. The worst, she didn't even knock! So rude... I had to head back to my room to grab my scarf and gloves and brolly, all because of her! What a bitch.